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Our purpose is your success

The engineering know-how, in terms of hinge joints, Hinscha gained, also offers its added value for many other applications.
Relying on the expertise of the departments, Hinscha Production and Hinscha Trailer & Construction Parts, Hinscha Projects goes even further. We think along with you and want to be the extension of your purchase and engineering departments. If you provide us an outline of your situation, we will find the best suiting solution. Do certainly not hesitate to contact us. We gladly take the time to clarify our approach.

Aluminium profile with rubber

Exclusive service

Hinscha Projects proposes his extensive knowledge in the field of trailer and construction parts at the service of selected companies needing medium or large volumes. We are focusing on products you need at regular intervals and in which we have more than 60 years of expertise (hinges, rubbers, catches & latches, gas springs,…). Hinscha Projects arose from our experience that in any company savings or improvements can be done. We have the knowledge to find efficiency increasing opportunities for your company. It’s not obvious to identify that immediately. Hinscha has developed a very efficient method, which produces amazing results: the HPS, Hinscha Purchase Scan.

Bespoke continuous hinge

What makes the Hinscha method so successful?

  • An efficient approach
  • A clear strategy
  • The right knowledge
  • A combination of domestic production and trade department
  • A wide network of suppliers, subcontractors and partners (both locally and on other continents)
  • A unique approach of suppliers

Which kind of optimizations can you expect?

  • Exactly the same product you are using now, but with better purchase terms.
  • Or a real alternative with better purchase terms.
  • Or functionally a better solution that adds value to your product.
  • Or a combination of above mentioned.

The combination of our expertise and your input means success

Hinscha offers freely its expertise to companies willing to commit. Allow us to clarify this: we can only help you effectively with savings and optimizations, if you are willing to provide us all the information about the range of products you are currently using. If you consider us as your partner, we will assist you with all our market knowledge and know-how and this way we are convinced that you will benefit from it. After an intake interview it will be clear whether our method is interesting for your company. If we both decide to apply for HPS, Hinscha guarantees that the time you invest in this method will yield much more than what your input costs.

We do not only apply ‘no cure, no pay’ but we go a stage further by subscribing the slogan ‘no result, we pay’. This means that if we decide to start HPS in your company and we are not able to propose significant optimizations, we will refund you the time you pulled out for us. How is this possible? We can give you such a guarantee, because we are so sure of our case.

Hinge with slotted holes

Hinges for

  • Cabins
  • All kind of containers
  • Stoves
  • Cases
  • Steel formwork
  • ...

Rubber fenders for

  • Catways (marinas)
  • Cart-circuits
  • Shopping carts
  • Hospital beds
  • ...

Buffers for

  • Pontoon
  • Loading Docks
  • ...

Handles for

  • Displays
  • Machines
  • ...

Sealing rubbers for

  • Steam boilers
  • Storage tanks
  • ...

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