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HINSCHA is a manufacturer and wholesaler of hinges and trailer and construction parts. The company was founded in 1951 as a local distributor of trailer parts in the city of Roeselare, Belgium and was originally named after its founder Georges: GEO VANDEN BERGHE. More than half of a century after its foundation, and more precisely since January 1st 2010, GEO VANDEN BERGHE has transformed its name in HINSCHA

Geo Vanden Berghe - Hinscha
The name reflects the company's core business "HINges" and translated in Dutch "SCHArnieren" (or German "SCHArniere" - or French "CHArnières). To enhance its clients performances worldwide and spread its expertise of hinge solutions from in the heart of Europe into automotive and industrial markets around the globe, a new company structure - and name - will enable the further growth.


Hinscha consists of 3 departments.

First of all Hinscha production is the production of hinges. The company today produces big series of standard hinges as well as smaller series of custom made hinges. Hinges can be produced within a short time frame during the design phase based on your design plan or based on Hinscha’s profound engineering experience
Secondly Hinscha Trailer & Construction parts is wholesaler of trailer and construction parts. Hinscha has an extensive range of articles that are only used for the trailer parts sector which are toolboxes, loading fasteners, steps and mudguards. But Hinscha has also a large assortment of articles that are used for trailers and various other applications: hinges, gas springs, rubbers, catches and latches, sound insulation, fasteners, aluminium profiles, ventilation products and lighting and marker equipment.
Thirdly Hinscha projects is the engineering know how of the two previous departments together, that discovers new opportunities for many companies from different sectors. We think along with you and want to be the extension of your purchase and engineering departments. If you provide us an outline of your situation, we will find the best suiting solution.

Building Hinscha



1. Extensive range
2. Many years of experience
3. Good value for money
4. Respects agreements
5. ± 2.500 standard articles
6.Variety of bespoke articles
7. 3D -drawings available
8. Technical drawings available
9. Quick delivery
10. Reliable service
11. Broad knowledge
12. Gives advice




Ahlmann  Atlas Copco Barco Bobcat Bombardier
Caterpillar Claas CNH Coca-Cola Colruyt
Hitachi Liebherr Linde NMBS Volvo
Renson SNCF TerexTurbo's Hoet
 TVH Vanhool VDL VVW Nieuwpoort

…and many other delighted customers.


  • Mister Francotte who ordered and paid gas springs via our webshop:

              'Super service...well received...everything perfect...thanks.’

  • Mister van Dijk who configured gas springs via our website: 

              'Dear Sir, the gas springs supplied by you arrived well and function properly. Thanks for your prompt settlement.’

  • Mrs. Lambregts  who ordered articles and paid in advance:

              'Dear, just paid the amount! We are looking forward to the articles. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation. Regards’ 

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