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Hinscha is hinge manufacturer.  We produce standard hinges and also bespoke hingesClick here to contact us.
Hinscha uses leading technology to manufacture hinges. Here below you can find some pictures of our production process.

Hinge profilesSawing machine

Tools: drills and endmillsCNC machine

Automation with a robotHinge Leaf

Hinge leaves with holesVibratory finishing - Deburring

Vibratory finished piecesVibratory finished pieces 2

Press - Punch machinePress - Punch machine 2

Chamfered holeBelt grinder

High quality hingesPin

High quality hinges 2Coated hinges


Hinges are just small parts in a bigger construction. Therefore, it is often justified to use customized hinges to optimize the total construction design. Special hinges allow to define all preferences, like the exact opening angle, mounting holes, or facilities to mount hinges "invisible",... Our hinges can meet nearly all your requirements.

You name it, we make it!
And don't worry: if you can't name it, we possibly can!

Bespoke hingeHinge with taper thread


The Hinscha hinge factory is flexible to manufacture small series of standard hinges and hinges on customer’s demandPrototype hinges can be produced within a short time frame during the design phase based on your design plan or based on Hinscha’s profound engineering experience
Our experts in hinge solution systems will be glad to assist you with your design, trying to determine the best position of your hinges, to select the perfect type of hinges and the ideal strength class for your hinged body part, taking in account the application requirements.

Did you know that 40% of all hinges are not appropriately dimensioned due to a lack of knowledge ? 

If it hinges on us, your design will be better! 

Multifunctional hingeYellow galvanised cranked hinge


Do you need a large number of hinges, maybe spread over time? Then you might conclude a framework agreement with hinge manufacturer HINSCHA. So we provide your hinges over a fixed term at a pre-agreed price at pre-agreed conditions.

A framework contract is always customized for each customer.
Framework agreements are common in the automotive sector (car manufacturers, truck and cabin builders, bus manufacturer), with machine builders but also in the construction sector
A framework contract anticipates fluctuations of the price and it ensures short delivery times.

Asymmetric coach hingeYellow galvanised hinge with grease nipple


Characteristics hinge

Male - female part of the hinge

Different holes in the hinge

Flat - offset - cranked leaves

Hardened pin - oil pin
Lift -off hinge

Continuous hinge

Coach hinge - rolled hinge

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