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Hinscha is hinge manufacturer of industrial heavy duty hinges or weldable hinges. Next to the standard coach hinges, Hinscha is specialised in the production of bespoke hinges. Continuous hinges and lift –off hinges are among others part of the range of Hinscha.
Hinscha has a large amount of rubbers out of many materials such as EPDM, SBR or neoprene. You can find sponge strips, clip-on rubbers, rubber buffers,… We can make your bespoke rubber profile for all kinds of applications.
Paddle locks, tailboard catches, dropside locks are just a few examples of the range of catches and latches. The material of the locks can vary : raw steel, galvanised, stainless steel,… Click here to find your catches and latches for your application.
Gas springs
Hinscha has an extensive range of different types of gas springs with various lengths, thicknesses and forces. These gas springs are available in different brands such as Stabilus (Lift-o-mat, Bloc-o-lift, Hydro-lift), Airax, Suspa,… You can fill in your reference number and subsequently you can order your gas spring.
Welcome to HINSCHA

Hinscha is ‘expert in hinges and trailer parts’. That name is based on more than 60 years of experience and on our market knowledge. Hinscha has 3 departments.
First of all ‘Hinscha production’ is the production of hinges.
Secondly ‘Hinscha Trailer & Construction parts’ is wholesaler of hinges and trailer parts.
Thirdly ‘Hinscha projects’ is the engineering know how of the two previous departments together, that discovers new opportunities for many companies from different sectors.

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